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Children needed for TV show – don’t miss out!

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Children needed for TV show – don’t miss out!

Want to be on Monster Court?

Does your Dad blow off and blame it on the dog? Does your Mum have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Styles? Are you always arguing over who gets to go on the games console? If so… you need MONSTER COURT!


At Monster Court, kids, parents, friends, relatives, even teachers can finally get some justice for all those monstrous “crimes” that normally go unpunished!

You can make your accusation on a video call with Judge Smudge himself. The monstrous person you are accusing will be there to defend themselves, along with any “witnesses”. Then Judge Smudge will reach his verdict and deliver some SERIOUS SMUDGEMENT!

When you apply to take part in a CBBC show, we may ask for some personal information such as your name, age, how many tentacles you have, or where you live.

Before we’re allowed to collect this information, your parent or guardian has to give us their consent first.

All the details are on the application form, which they’ll need to fill out with you if you want to be on the show – so make sure they read it or Judge Smudge might send round some little monsters!

Monster Court is made by Monster Court Productions Ltd for CBBC, and if your information needs be shared with anyone else, it will be made clear to your parent or guardian.

If your application is not successful, your information will be deleted by 31st October 2020!

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