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Casting for Short Film – apply today!

Casting for Short Film – apply today!

Casting for two roles for an upcoming short film to be shown on paid-VOD platforms.

BLACK MALE (18 – 50). Must be able to do convincing African accent.

EAST ASIAN MALE OR FEMALE (18 – 50). Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Malay etc.

Preferably able to speak Mandarin/Japanese/Korean to suit the nationality presented.

Deferred payment via streaming revenue (profit share will be stated in a contract prior to shooting).

Designed to emulate the current lockdown situation, this futuristic scifi role will be shot either in your home or similar, likely using either a camera/lighting setup that emulates a webcam, or an actual webcam or phone – no big set. (We’re not being cheap, it’s for the effect, and to allow shooting during lockdown).

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