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Actors with all levels of experience – don’t miss out!

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Actors with all levels of experience – don’t miss out!

CASTING for a Coronavirus inspired project, a COMEDY about a struggling film producer who needs to get all cast and crew members of his latest project to a secluded location before a full lockdown is implemented throughout the country and he has only one day to do so. The whole story unfolds through a series of VIDEO CALLS, so it is very much an acting oriented feature and all actors will be recording from their HOME. All actors will also be provided with a PRO WEBCAM and a PRO MIC as well as getting PAID MINIMUM WAGE plus an EXTRA calculated by the number of lines they have on the script. All the actors involved will need to have a FAST INTERNET CONNECTION. The recording will take place in a week’s time in JANUARY, a week yet to be determined, upon completion of a successful FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN. which will take place in December.

1. Male lead aged 60 to 65
Struggling Irish film producer, overweight and extrovert, scruffy and bearded, flamboyant and self-destructive.
2. Female lead aged 50 to 58
Sensitive and intelligent. Former actress. Reserved and well-read
3. Male supporting role aged 18 to 22
Clumsy teenage guy, with glasses. Daydreamer.
4. Female supporting role aged 45 to 49
Sweet-tempered woman. Attractive and coquettish. Very direct and honest.
5. Male supporting role aged 35 to 40
Sly and highly intelligent. Arrogant and sarcastic. He’s an actor but looks more like a rock-star
6. Female supporting role aged 50 to 60
Character is strict, puritan woman. Dominant figure. She is totally unsympathetic. Long hair. Seldom smiles.
7. Male supporting role aged 18 to 22
Introvert boy. Stern and stiff and always impeccably dressed.
8. Male supporting role aged 20 to 25
Young sentimental guy. Idealistic and ingenious. Emotional and willing to do crazy thing.
9. Female supporting role aged 40 to 50
Successful film producer. Sympathetic and moody. Very self-confident. Patronizing attitude.
10. Male supporting role aged 30 to 36
Enthusiastic, extrovert and always with an infectious smile on his face
11. Male supporting role aged 40 to 45
A wise man, compassionate and with a psychoanalytical attitude.
12. Male supporting role aged 18 to 22
Washed-up version of Johnny Depp. Pretentious arty-farty type, heavily and drugs and alcohol.
13. Female supporting role aged 30 to 35
Strong-willed. Quiet by very determined. She always gets straight to the point. Acts as a queen in everyday life.
14. Male supporting role aged 50 to 60
Artistic, refined and well-read. Submissive figure.
15. Male supporting role aged 40 to 45
Extrovert film director, who goes around barefoot to play the part of the genius but he’s scared when shooting scenes with too many people.
16. Male supporting role aged 60 to 66
Upper class type. Successful film producer. Calm and reserved. Mean and sadistic.
17. Female supporting role aged 18 to 22
Shy teenager. She must look younger than 18, as still in secondary school. Sweet and intelligent. Sympathetic and thoughtful.
18. Female supporting role aged 18 to 22
Apparently sweet, but hard as nails inside. She can be hysterical and change mood in a fraction of a second. Borderline personality
19. Male supporting actor aged 45 to 50
Stocky and fit. A warrior that considers life as an endless series of fights. Emotional

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